KRISIUN kündigen Europatour „Swords Into Flesh“ 2023 an

Brasilianische Death Metaller KRISIUN kündigen Europatour „Swords Into Flesh“ im Rahmen ihres aktuellen Albums „Mortem Soils“ an

Mit dabei sind BAEST aus Dänemark und je nach Termin DEFACING GOD und SCHIZOPHRENIA sowie TRIAGONE


Headliner: Krisiun
Hauptsupport: Baest
2ter Support: Defacing God & Schizophrenia
1ster Support: Triagone

*w/ Defacing God | ** w/ Schizophrenia | *** w/ Krisiun + Schizophrenia only

28/10/2023 DE Essen – Turock Fest***
2/11/2023 DE Munich – Backstage*
3/11/2023 NL Helmond – Cacaofabriek*
4/11/2023 NL Arnhem – Willemeen*
5/11/2023 BE Antwerp – Kavka*
6/11/2023 DE Hannover – Musikzentrum Hannover*
7/11/2023 DE Weinheim – Cafe Central*
8/11/2023 FR Colmar – Le Grillen*
9/11/2023 FR Paris – Backstage O‘ Sullivan*
10/11/2023 FR Toulouse – L’Usine*
11/11/2023 ES Portugalete – Estudios Groove*
12/11/2023 ES Madrid – Sala Copérnico*
13/11/2023 ES Barcelona – Sala Bóveda*
14/11/2023 FR Marseille – Molotov*
15/11/2023 CH Martigny – Sunset*
16/11/2023 SK Bratislava – Randal**
17/11/2023 AT Graz – Explosiv**
18/11/2023 CH Siebnen – District 28**
19/11/2023 CZ Prague – Futurum**
20/11/2023 PL Poznan – 2Progi**
21/11/2023 PL Krakow – Kamienna12**
22/11/2023 PL Warsaw – Hydrozagadka**
23/11/2023 DE Berlin – Orwo**
24/11/2023 DE Leipzig – Hellraiser**
25/11/2023 DE Hamburg – Headcrash**

KRISIUN’s infernal path started in Ijuí, Brazil, in 1990. The threesome were inspired by a diverse array of extreme metal, including Slayer, Venom, Destruction, Motörhead, Morbid Angel and famed countrymen Sepultura. The group toiled for years before signing a deal with São Paulo-based Dynamo Records and arriving at their now-classic debut album, Black Force Domain, in 1995. Word spread quickly. KRISIUN’s unbridled ruthlessness was absolutely riveting. They inked a deal with GUN Records in 1997 to continue the onslaught in Europe, which commenced officially with KRISIUN’s first tour outside of Brazil on the Black Force Domain Tour. Audiences were stunned by the trio’s full-throated, bloody-minded death metal. Since then, the legacy of brutality has been hoisted on battle flags likeApocalyptic Revelation (1998), their worldwide Century Media debut Conquerors of Armageddon (2000), Works of Carnage (2003), Southern Storm (2008), and Scourge of the Enthroned (2018). KRISIUN’s latest masterpiece „Mortem Solis“ released 29.07.22 continues the tradition of uncompromising musical insanity.

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